Measure it in inches: Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei

Warhol and Ai Weiwei: a match made in curatorship heaven. Not only was this pairing always going to be a big crowd pleaser, but it is also a rare chance to write history.  Although the cynic in me can imagine the dollar signs in the eyes of the curators when they began planning the exhibition (something Warhol would certainly approve of) but I can also appreciate the importance of such an exhibition art historically. Continue reading


Who Wants to Wallow in Champagne?

I find the idea of art patrons fascinating.  There are many different reasons for becoming a patron of the arts: cultural capital, social recognition, tax breaks, or most importantly a deep love of art and a desire to do your part to promote and enhance the arts as a whole.  The power of a wealthy patron to shape and mould the arts is incredible.  With enough prestige a patron can take an unknown artist and make them famous.  By buying their works they make other collectors and curators aware of the artist, boosting the value of their works, and therefore making money for the artist and for the patron.  By paying stipends to artists a patron gives the opportunity for them to focus wholly on their work, and help them to embark on more ambitious projects than they would otherwise have had the means to attempt. Continue reading