A Day at the Fair

The Melbourne Art Book Fair is the perfect melding of the old and the new, the famous and the soon to be, global and local and the corporate and the independent.  Here zines sit side by side with monographs of well known artists, publications are created right before your eyes, and ideas are shared across time and space. Continue reading


Measure it in inches: Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei

Warhol and Ai Weiwei: a match made in curatorship heaven. Not only was this pairing always going to be a big crowd pleaser, but it is also a rare chance to write history.  Although the cynic in me can imagine the dollar signs in the eyes of the curators when they began planning the exhibition (something Warhol would certainly approve of) but I can also appreciate the importance of such an exhibition art historically. Continue reading

The S Word: Lurid Beauty at the NGV

Siamese shoes IBarry Humphries,Siamese Shoes I, 1958, remade 1968.


There is nothing like the seductive beauty of a tapered stiletto.  Why do we love them so much despite the agony they cause?  Originally high heels were worn by men but now they are predominately the refuge of women.  They are worn for a multitude of reasons.  Status being one of them, they put you literally eye to eye with men in height, and there is nothing like the flash of a red sole to show wealth, or fashion.  And then there is sex. Continue reading

Schoolhouse Horticultural Spectacular

Tonight has been a lovely night for secrets.  The crowds were out for what was a lively and exciting opening for Secret Garden, an exhibition co-curated by Sophia Cai and Caitlin Shearer.  This is an exhibition that, like the plants that inhabit it, grew organically.  With 22 artists represented it is a broad range of works all exploring the essential and magical relationship between people and their plants. Continue reading

David Bowie Is… Human

Walking through David Bowie Is… my brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare, I had to cram so many things to store everything in there.  This exhibition which has toured from the V&A to Melbourne’s ACMI plays on all the senses and encompasses all the elements of Bowie’s remarkable career.  From the clothes he wore, to his hand written song lyrics, books he carried around in his back pocket to look cool, to movie costumes, interviews, music videos, TV appearances, paintings, songs, artists who influenced him; a whole array of objects, moving image, sound, I never thought I would need so much Bowie. Continue reading

The Evening I Sang with Renee Fleming

Renee Fleming, one of the most well known and celebrated sopranos of our time, is not your average diva.  Unlike the stuffy, pretentious stereotype, Renee is warm, welcoming, and best of all she loves what she does and you can tell.  Every song she sings she lives to the full, whether that is in humour or in sadness.  And her enjoyment is contagious, as shown at her recent performance at Hamer Hall in Melbourne, the whole Melbourne Symphony Orchestra were having a great time, from the percussion section joking around during a particularly demanding triangle passage, to the very excited violinist who had the privilege of bringing Renee her gargantuan bouquet. Continue reading

Open Doors

I love an open door, a view to something beyond a wall, that little glimpse that creates just enough intrigue to lure your gaze.  Open House Melbourne is that door left ajar, it’s a gate that someone forgot to lock.  The mystery is still there, only now you can creep in, you can stare about, wide-eyed, imagine a different life, feel inspired, sympathetic, but still like you have only just scraped the surface.  Walking around Melbourne while this event is on I feel as though I am walking around for the first time.  Every building seems wondrous, mysterious and compelling.  The closed doors become as alluring as the open ones.  And once inside each building you come out with more questions than answers.  And it seems that every year there is some you miss out on, and so many more to put on the list for next time. Continue reading