Time Takes a Cigarette…

I have already written a lot about Bowie,  and yet now that I have processed this as actually reality I feel the need to say goodbye, after all he had the goodness to say goodbye to us. Continue reading


David Bowie Is… Human

Walking through David Bowie Is… my brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare, I had to cram so many things to store everything in there.  This exhibition which has toured from the V&A to Melbourne’s ACMI plays on all the senses and encompasses all the elements of Bowie’s remarkable career.  From the clothes he wore, to his hand written song lyrics, books he carried around in his back pocket to look cool, to movie costumes, interviews, music videos, TV appearances, paintings, songs, artists who influenced him; a whole array of objects, moving image, sound, I never thought I would need so much Bowie. Continue reading

The Evening I Sang with Renee Fleming

Renee Fleming, one of the most well known and celebrated sopranos of our time, is not your average diva.  Unlike the stuffy, pretentious stereotype, Renee is warm, welcoming, and best of all she loves what she does and you can tell.  Every song she sings she lives to the full, whether that is in humour or in sadness.  And her enjoyment is contagious, as shown at her recent performance at Hamer Hall in Melbourne, the whole Melbourne Symphony Orchestra were having a great time, from the percussion section joking around during a particularly demanding triangle passage, to the very excited violinist who had the privilege of bringing Renee her gargantuan bouquet. Continue reading

The Second Edition

Throughout time art movements have gone beyond just one medium to create an over arching artistic goal, that of a harmonious total work of art. Design, art, literature and music do not ever exist independently, but feed off each other and complement each other. The experience we have when viewing a work of art is never a truly objective one, we cannot separate our own time, opinions, biases and influences from the work we view. And so art is never static, it is ever changing and evolving in the eyes of those who view it, like editions of a book.

Today it is hard to find anywhere that is a “total work of art” in the sense that art movements such as Art Nouveau and the Bauhaus intended. They wanted to create a world where everything was harmonious and adhered to one manifesto. But we live surrounded by design, from rubbish bins to skyscrapers, billboards to high art, truly a total work of art, though not a homogenous or harmonious one.

The Ninth Edition suggests that to live life as a total work of art is to embrace the variety, the clash of cultures, and the juxtaposition of eras that is the contemporary age. And soon the next edition will be written and today will be a nostalgic reminiscence of the past.